Welcome to Renaldo Creative’s  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions. Here some tips and help topics. If you need more help click here to contact us. Also check out our Privacy Policy,  Terms of Service.

  • Who is Renaldo? Renaldo is a multi-talented DJ, Music Producer, Photographer and Graphic Designer.
  • Do I need a BeatStar account to purchase beats? Yes
  • What currency can I pay for my purchase? BeatStars accepts payment in USD only, via credit cards or Paypal All pricing displayed on our site is in USD ($)
  • Can you ship the beat once paid? Yes, We ship internationally to all other countries. For shipments outside the United States, Canada, and the European Union, the recipient is responsible for any customs fees and import duties levied by the destination country, which could cause delays beyond the original delivery estimate.
  • What if the recipient’s address was wrong? If the recipient’s address was wrong, then you are held responsible. Usually, the package is sent back to the return address. In the case that you’ve set the return address as your own, you can update the address and personally reship the order.
  • How can I view the purchase beat? Login to my official store.
  • Do you accept Paypal? Yes
  • My card was declined but I still was charged: The charge is a pending transaction and will fall off within 2-3 business days. Your credit card company or bank will hold these funds for your own safety.
  • What if I cannot place an order? Try enabling cookies and cache on your browser. Contact us click here so we can resolve your problem.
  • Do you offer a refund on beats? No
  • Do you offer free beats? Currently no
  • Do you record artist? Yes
  • Do you offer mastering? Yes, Contact Me


  • Can I model for Renaldo Creative? Yes contact us click here. All Models must be 18 years or older.
  • Do I have to shoot nude to submit to become a model? No, She works with non-nude models.


  • Is this site safe? Yes, we use technology to protect our member’s data.
  • Will you sell my information to advertisers? No, We will never do that?
  • Will I get a virus from this site? No, this site is safe and secure. Before you log in look for an https:// and closed padlock. Learn more about how we keep your data secure click here.
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