Ny Ny Lew


Ny Ny Lew is a multi-talented model, rapper, songwriter, and exotic dancer from Las Vegas. In her interview, she talks about her career and music.

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Where are you from? Vallejo, CA.
I love that sound and it’s unique and hard to let that sound go when u are truly a Bay Area head and an artist, there’s a lot of talent in the Bay Area and stolen Styles and the mainstream artist make it seem like it was brand new and take full credit for it. A lot of artists are pro Independent artists as well, I can rant all day about this,
So, What are your thoughts on the current state of Hip-Hop?
It’s changing, there are so many facets, hip-hop is the most diverse genre period, there are no rules to this, and I like that, besides paying homage…. there no rules to how u sound or Create, of more people, can appreciate that more artists can be accepted, it’s almost like taking pictures, some may like it some may not but it doesn’t make it trash, everyone doesn’t like onions but it is bad? Absolutely not!
Is Commercial Hip-Hop dead? No.

Ny Ny Lew

Photo by Roseeseedphoto

Who is your favorite male artist and why? This is really hard, I don’t do favoritism… so I’ll list a few, Joyner Lucas, Drake, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Mozzy, I picked these men Particularly because they all Can pull our heartstrings, they all had made me cry or felt some type of way by listening to what they were talking about, they are really good at keeping me in tune.
Who is your favorite female artist and why? Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B weird right? I love Nicki because she is an all-around artist, she beautiful, timeless, and her lyrics are the shit! She is Goat “Greatest of All Time” when it comes to writing hard shit, cardi has a personality like mine, and I just love her personality!!! And her grind is respectable, hard work will always beat talent, and not I’m not saying cardi doesn’t have talent, because she does and I love her song get up ten still moves me and pull at my heartstrings to this day, sometimes I play that song driving to work to get in my mood.
What inspired you to become an artist? I’ve been like this since I was two. I strongly believe I was born this way.
How do you separate yourself from other artists? I’m not afraid to be naked! and I’m ok being who I want to be, I’m not ashamed of my modeling photos or anything.
What do you hope to accomplish in your career? To actually really have a good cash flow, even it’s not rapping money.


What club do you dance in? Treasures, Deja Vu, and I might go back to Rhino, and try out at Lacy’s…. all of these clubs are in Las Vegas, NV.
Do you have an only fan, Pateron, or site where people can access exclusive content? I have a website coming soon… stay tuned.
What advice do you have for an aspiring artist? Don’t give up…. easier said than done. Big facts…
Has dancing and modeling helped your music career?
No not at all lol!
What your favorite song your recorder? Boss bitches are available on all streaming platforms.
Drop your links? @nynylew @iam_nynylew for music only type in Ny Ny Lew and my music will pop up.
How can people book you? Email me click here.
Do you have any future project our tour dates coming up?
I’m working on releasing singles… I was going to build for an ex but I think I’ll wait until I get more fans/listeners 1.


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